I Cheated.

Autor: Maggie

You attempted.

You made me cry.

Didn’t say

Your last Goodbye.

Made me feel

Hurt. Unwanted.

As if you didn’t care, but I knew you did.

The worse is what I was to commit.

I knew it had to end.

I did, I texted my friend.

I only needed to vent,

But with alcohol, my strength went.

Yes, I cheated, I did, but

I regretted it as fuck.

I still do.

I hate me too.

Please, tell me, that I’m a bitch.

Tell me that, but do not switch

From loving me, to hate.

Selfish, but now it’s too late.

Wanted to tell you, but I was scared.

You were too fragile to understand.

Too broken, I broke you more.

He’s not the one I adore.

Please, tell me, that you can see

I’m not the one, with who you’re meant to be.

I said I’d ruin you. Remember it?

Are you ready to forgive?

Can you tell that I’m sorry?

Selfish, that I made you worry.

I wanted to tell you right away

But it’s not something you just say.

Please, tell me, that you still care.

Let your feelings now be shared

With a bitch, with a sinner.

With a girl, who drew your blood thinner.

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